"The forgotten era of the County town of N"

Duration: 8 h.
Age: For everyone
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  • Description
    The route "The forgotten era of the county town N" will immerse you in the atmosphere of a long-forgotten town in the Russian province. Tourists will visit:
    - Odoyev village (travel information of a guide-guide);
    - The memorial to the Horse Guards General P.A. Belova;
    - Theotokos Christmas Anastasov monastery in Anastasovo village;
    - Theotokos Christmas Anastasov monastery;
    - the estate of Major-General A.Ya. Mirkovich in Nikolo-Zhupan village;
    - the estate of Major-General A.Ya. Mirkovich (meeting with Olga Troitskaya-Mirkovich the heiress of the famous family)
     - The Epiphany Church. Inspection of the building and mysterious places;
     - butter-making factory in Odoev
    - a shop of the Odoevsky butter-making factory (at the request of the group);
    - Museum "Filimonovo toy" for the purchase of souvenir gifts (at the request of the group).
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