"Mysteries of the Tula land" (3 days / 2 nights)

Duration: 3 days
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  • Description
    1st day
    - Arrival in Tula, interactive meeting (a performance of a folk group, theatrical presentation A visit to the Tula Lefty»
    - Breakfast
    - An excursion around the city with a visit to the Tula Kremlin and Tula Regional Museum of Local Lore
    - Lunch
    - A tour of the new building of the Tula State Museum of Arms
    *An optional master class in the Tula State Museum of Arms (creation of sketches “Decoration of hunting weapons”, master class of modeling and creation and decoration of stylized pottery) 
    *A performance by the military-historical theatre “Unbreakable” (fencing show-programme, acrobatic tricks ant theatrical miniatures)
    - A visit to the Tula Antiquities Museum and Exhibition Center
    *Interactive optional programmes: “One day in the Russian izba (Peasant's dwelling)”, “In a pottery workshop”, “Hammer doesn’t strike the iron”
    - Visiting of the Tula pottery center, master-class of painting of Tula tiles.
    - Dinner, transfer to the hotel
    - *Night tour to the All Saints Cathedral necropolis
    2nd day
    - Breakfast
    - Arrival to the Yasnaya Polyana, meeting with a guide, tour of the Museum-estate (the Greenhouse, the house of the writer, the Kuzminsky House and the Leo Tolstoy's grave)
    - Interactive tour of the coachman’s izba (a log house on the estate territory with the interior of the Russian izba, the home of coachmen in the time of Leo Tolstoy), story about the traditions of the Russian estate, tea party with pies
    - Visiting of the historical reconstructed railway station Kozlova zaseka, the tour of the exposition “The Tolstoy’s railway”, visiting of the station’s hall
    - Lunch
    * Horseriding (Horeback riding or riding by coach)
    *Master-class of the folk art, including floristics (creating calendars and bookmarks of immortelles of the Yasnaya Polyana), traditional patchwork whirl dolls and plaited on the ancient technology belts
    * A performance by the folk group
    - Dinner
    - Show-programme in centre “Vityaz’” (pyrotechnic fire show, neon show "New Age", diod pyrotechnic performance and so on)
    - Transfer to the hotel
    3rd day
    - Breakfast and check out from the hotel
    - Transfer to Bogoroditsk
    - Optional interactive program in the Bogoroditsk palace-museum (“Guests were coming to the estate”, “Frame in the wardrobe or the mysteries of the Bogoroditsk palace” etc.)
    - Lunch
    -Theatrical tour of the park
    - * - The municipal chamber orchestra.
    On the repertoire there are pieces of different styles and genres of music, from classical to the modern jazz compositions.  - The municipal theatre “At the Gashi”. The repertoire of the theatre is based on the classical Russian drama plays as well as foreign ones (A.Chekhov, N.Ostrovsky, I.Turgenev, N.Gogol, W.Shakespeare, K.Goldoni, J.Moliere, G.Ibsen, B.Shaw, E.Skriba etc). - Folklore group “Nebylitsa” - The group has an active concert activity. The goal of its art is the revival of folk traditions, culture, the study of folklore art. - Folk story-playing ensemble “Besedy”.      In the repertoire of the band there are wedding, calendar, lyric and dance songs of the South and Central Russia, including the songs from Tula region.  -Harmonic ensemble “Istoki” and the vocal trio “Kuzovskiye babushki” ("Kuzovka Grannies") Harmonic ensemble “Istoki” and the vocal trio “Kuzovskiye babushki” ("Kuzovka Grannies"). The repertoire of the ensemble is constantly updated. The program includes Russian folk songs, folk music and war songs. - Departure
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