Tula is the new year capital of Russia

Official website of the project:

All-Russian project "new year's capital of Russia" started in 2012 with the support of the Ministry of culture. The project is implemented as follows: every year the city is chosen, which officially receives the status of "new year's capital of Russia". It is here that new year's events and the course of the holiday is given special attention. This means financial support, assistance of famous cultural figures, patrons, participation of pop stars, theater and cinema. Kazan, Vladimir, Vologda, Sortavala and Tambov have already been in the role of the capital. At the turn of 2018, the title of "New year's capital" was worn by Khanty-Mansiysk, who transferred the title to Tula.

the new year's capital of Russia is not only an honorary title for Tula, but also an opportunity to show your city to guests in all its glory. An extensive program of festive events is planned – the new year's living room of Santa Claus, the residence of Lefty, in Tula will host the all-Russian gathering of Santa clauses and snow Maidens, the battle for the status of the strongest wizard, the fairs of Tula masters, a gastronomic festival, Christmas mystery and much more. The start of the events is scheduled for December 7, 2018, they will last a month, and at the end of the festive marathon crystal snowflake – the symbol of the project – will be handed over to the leadership of the new Year's capital of Russia.

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