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Health resorts in Tula and Tula Region serve exclusively to treat the following body systems:

  • central and peripheral nervous system,
  • muscular and skeletal system,
  • cardiovascular system,
  • endocrine system,
  • digestive system,
  • respiratory system.

Even though Tula health resorts are accommodation facilities, they are not that easy to get in. First of all, they may require a referral from your doctor. The daily regimen is rather strict there, as it stipulates the times for therapy, meals, and sleep.


Depending on voucher prices, Tula health resorts offer different room options. For example, in Likhvinskiye Vody, there are premium options available. However, if you wish to save some money, you can use the services of health resorts Yegnyshevka and Krainka.


Three or five meals a day are always included in the voucher price for Tula health resorts. The meals can vary in different places: buffet, standard restaurant service, or a diet prescribed by your doctor. Boarders can be confident in the quality of food served in the cafeteria. The ingredients are always of natural origin, and the selection of dishes is always well-balanced.


What makes a health resort different from a hospital is that therapy there does not include medical drugs. Among treatment procedures popular at Tula health resorts, the following can be singled out:

  • phytotherapy with healthy herbal teas,
  • balneology, i. e. treatment with mineral water that is often extracted right on the health resort premises,
  • physiotherapy, i. e. treatment with temperature, light, or electromagnetic field, and
  • massage, or manual therapy.


A guest at a health resort should not only get treatment, but have an enjoyable time as well. For that purpose, such facilities provide for entertainment services like:

  • libraries, movie halls, billiard rooms, and board game rooms,
  • sports grounds, workout facilities, and physical therapy rooms,
  • well-kept premises for walking,
  • tours to legendary sites of Tula Region,
  • rentals of sports equipment, bikes, and skis.

Health resorts in Tula and Tula Region are shown in this section of on object tiles. Here you can find addresses and phone numbers of health centers, as well as locate them on the map. Guests can look for prices and feedback on health resorts’ official websites found in the Contacts tab.