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Day after day, years of your life fly by in work and worries. You spin From Monday to Friday like a screw or even like a cog and only in the evening, at the end of the week, you ask yourself: "What should I do on the weekend?" The leisure in the clubs and bars of your city already reminds you of an endless "Groundhog Day." The pigeons in your favorite park are already fed and the paths are already trodden. There is no more strength to dig in the dacha land plot. Even the shashlik has already become a curse… You are seeking for new experiences… for what you may post on Instagram, show your friends, for what you will remember and share with your children, visit places where few people have ever been and become a different person after return! Then welcome! The Sights of Tula and Tula Region! A huge number of museums (more only in Moscow and St. Petersburg), unique natural territories, monuments and creative art objects, ancient churches and monasteries, estates of the greatest celebrities of the Russian Empire! Yes, we are not the city of the Golden Ring. We do not have hills and the azure coast. But we are unique! We are the land of masters! Hero city, southern outpost, shield and arsenal of Russia! Our secrets are now open to you! All Tula sights preserve the glory and history of people who, having touched everything ordinary and mediocre, turned it into a piece of art from 1146 to our time. And it is not even about pryaniks, samovars, or weapons! You may come here for inspiration as if it is a life-giving source! A photo taken as a souvenir in any historical place in Tula will evoke pleasant memories. You cannot help but smile as you scroll through the interesting images in the memory of your trip to the City of Masters! Sights of Tula and Tula Region wait for you to describe the cultural values of Russia and the Russian people. From the runes and temple rings of the great Vyatichi to high-precision weapons complexes, from the Oka River to the Don River, from the walls of the Tula Kremlin to the extreme southern fortresses of the Big Zasechnaya Cherta… You will have many things to see! Many attractions have souvenir shops or cafes where you may buy a lot of wonderful things to remember or taste local dishes (not just pryaniks, imagine that)! Two Federal Highways, M-4 "Don" and M-2 "Crimea" go through the region and the railway goes to the South. You may easily reach us by any means of transport! This page shows both the sights of the city of Tula and the sights of Tula Region. Tourist attraction cards store galleries of photos of special places, their descriptions, and addresses of the best sights. Here you may easily realize where to go for the weekend. The card index of your vacation trip, which is gathered in one place, was created specifically for the purpose of turning the sights of Tula from a dark forest into a clear and convenient route for your travel through our region! Turn descriptions, addresses, and ticket prices into pleasant memories! Go planning! Please come! Be impressed!
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