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Theaters in Tula Region are unique in the best sense of this word! Not a piece of triviality, not a shadow of vulgarity! Only art and pure fantasy! Masterful performance of any cast, any theater in our region have been giving pleasure to the audience for about 250 years!

The first theaters of Tula Region appeared in those distant times when the land of masters was finally transformed into a separate province of the Russian Empire by the decree of Her Imperial Majesty Catherine the Great.

Having struck by the performance of the Tula troupe, the Empress applauded it, thereby expressing approval for the continuation of theatrical activities in the provincial center!

A lot of water has flowed since then. The old Tula Drama Theater welcomes the genius Shchepkin, Stanislavsky came here, and at the end of the XX century, the new talented team began to appear with their own leaders, stages, and regular spectators.

Theaters in Tula put on a variety of performances! And at each production, the audience forgets about all the troubles and tedious working hours in factories and offices as soon as the lights go out in the auditorium and the curtain rises! Try to visit every theater and celebrate your favorite one!

"Drum" is a modern play, seasoned with the play of non-professional actors, whose enthusiasm and the inner world make wonders in the "stage is the emotional perception of the spectator" section.

The Hermitage Theater is a concentrated burst of positive impressions. The cast during the performance is no longer the cast, they are characters of the pieces of art that jumped off the lines of the best plays. Full immersion in the story is guaranteed! Regular spectators regret only that they did not know about this theater before.

The kindest, warmest, and most native in the "Theaters in Tula" list is, of course, the Tula State Puppet Theater. Many generations of Tula residents and city visitors have grown watching local performances. We very much hope that you will bring your children with you as well.

We cannot help but mentioning the old drama theater! It is worth saying that, of course, the skills honed by many generations of actors and hundreds of performances played speak for themselves! Many spectators come from other regions of the country to see the amazing performance of the cast of the Tula Drama Theater!

Theaters in Tula are undoubtedly one of the best ways to spend a night in our city! Small ticket prices do not reduce the value of your positive and bright emotions from the play of Tula citizens.

When looking at the addresses and map, it will be clear that most of the theaters are located in downtown. This is very convenient!

Tickets may be ordered by phone, at ticket offices, or online. Find out the working hours and prices in the same way. Go to the theater! Find out for yourself how Tula is diverse and beautiful!