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Dear tourists and guests of Tula! Do you know how to spend time in the City of Masters with friends or the better half useful, easy-going, fun, and without significant expenses? Actually, there are a million and a quarter answers to this question, and here is one of them!

Cinemas in Tula! What?! There are cinemas for watching movies in your city and you came here for sights and unique impressions?!

Do not rush to such sudden conclusions! Experienced tourists will tell you that going for blitz races through museums, parks, and excursions all day is very useful in every sense but it is quite tedious.

Night falls on the city, it becomes difficult to take high-quality photos, and the legs are already loaded. Despite the fact that this fatigue is incredibly pleasant and all your social media accounts are full of photos that cause friendly envy among colleagues and friends, you need to do something not to waste a pleasant evening and at the same time to take a little break. It is the very time to take your smartphone and type "Tula cinema schedule and prices" in the search bar. This will be the best solution!

The price of a ticket to the Tula cinema will pleasantly surprise you, as well as the opportunity to buy or book seats, view the movie schedule, addresses, and phone numbers. It's all in your hands on your phone screen!

Even if one movie theater does not show the right movie at the right time, it is always possible to choose another movie theater because there are a lot of them in the city and there is really a lot to choose from!

Many cinemas are located in shopping centers. Even if you don't have the energy for shopping, you may have a snack and chat in restaurants or food courts, after which go and watch the coolest movie... or vice versa! It's up to you.

Many cinemas in Tula are chained and if you have bonus cards in cinemas in your city, you may use them here!

Are you still thinking?! Dance on a dance floor tomorrow, sleep at a hotel the day after tomorrow, and go to a movie theater today.

Low prices, high-quality cinemas built according to European standards, new movies, bonuses, discounts, the ability to book tickets online… How can you wait for another day? Come to us as soon as possible!