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Osetrovo leisure centre фото
Osetrovo leisure centre
Burakovo, Yasnogorskiy District, Tula Region
The Health Resort Osetrovo is located on the Osetr River banks and is a heavenly place for those who want to take a break from the city life, enjoy the silence and fresh in one of the most environment...
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Moya Derevnya eco-park фото
Moya Derevnya eco-park
Kuzmischevo, Yasnogorskiy District, Tula Region
Eco-Park "My Village" is a peasant farm with comfortable wooden houses located in a picturesque birch grove.  Here you might not only have a good night's sleep in the silence of the forest, sit ...
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Environmental Park Yasno Pole фото
Environmental Park Yasno Pole
Surroundings of Velezhevo Village between M4-Don highway and Simferopol highway, 120 km far from Moscow, Yasnogorsky District, Tula Region
Environmental Park Yasno Pole in the Yasnogorsk District of Tula Region is a creative corner of harmony between people and nature. Here you can relax, work, and merge with the environment, enjoyin...
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3000- 6000 ₽
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Recreational Center "Veles Forest" фото
Recreational Center "Veles Forest"
Borshchyovka, Leninskiy District, Tula Region
Not far from Tula, around the pond, one can find the Velesov Les Resort - a place where you forget the worries of a noisy city. The resort is located in an environmentally clean place, which contribut...
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Forino Leisure centre фото
Forino Leisure centre
Forino Village, Leninsky District, Tula Region
Forino Resort in Tula Region is a quiet, cozy place far away from the city, which is located on the banks of the pond at the Nyukhovka River. Comfortable rest in picturesque log cottages restores ...
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Семейная пасека Михаила и Марины Зубовых «Мёд насущный» фото
Семейная пасека Михаила и Марины Зубовых «Мёд насущный»
г. Алексин, д. Даниловка, д. 4
Михаил и Марина Зубовых пчеловоды в третьем поколении, соблюдают семейные традиции с 1957 года.  Пасека "Мёд насущный" - кочевая. Мед начинают собирать с Южного региона, а точнее с юга...
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Prioksky Dvorik Hotel Complex фото
Prioksky Dvorik Hotel Complex
Yegnyshevka, Aleksinsky District, Tula Region
Hotel Prioksky Dvorik is an ideal way to relax, organize a business conference or corporate party in the fresh air. The hotel is located in Tula Region, in the Aleksinsky District, famous for its ...
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1500 ₽
Recreational centers
Sosnovy Bor (Pine Forest) Lodge фото
Sosnovy Bor (Pine Forest) Lodge
50 Let VLKSM, Microdistrict Bor, town of Aleksin, Tula Region
The healthiest air in Tula Region is where the Sosnovy Bor Resort is located. To verify this, take a look at the map of the town of Aleksin and its surroundings. Our camp site borders on the prote...
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6000 ₽
Recreational centers
Beroyzovaya Roscha Leisure centre фото
Beroyzovaya Roscha Leisure centre
Egnyshevka Village, Aleksinsky District, Tula Region
Every room is provided with beds of high – quality, a TV, a shower and other options which are necessary for daily life. However, as it is known, the function of the hotel is not only in submitting of...
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2900 ₽
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