Sosnovy Bor (Pine Forest) Lodge

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50 Let VLKSM, Microdistrict Bor, town of Aleksin, Tula Region
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The healthiest air in Tula Region is where the Sosnovy Bor Resort is located. To verify this, take a look at the map of the town of Aleksin and its surroundings. Our camp site borders on the protected natural area Aleksin Bor, which is the "lungs" of our region. The beauty of the old forest, convenient location, healthy air, tourist attractions of the town on the Oka River - this is not all but the most important advantages that theSosnovy Bor Resort has at hand.

Guests who come to visit us for at least a week feel how their body is being renewed. Their social media are full of with photos depicting genuine vivid emotion. Do we really surprise our visitors that much only with nature and an opportunity to visit places?

Services provided by Sosnovy Bor Resort

Sosnovy Bor Resort is a place that is perfect for both medical tourism and active recreation. We offer our guests the following services:

  • holiday parties and festive events on a turnkey basis in the banquet hall and outdoors;
  • cafe of Russian and European cuisine;
  • vacationers can fry meat on their own on the barbeque grills installed on the premises;
  • wood-fired sauna sessions and swimming pool with hydromassage;
  • playground for children;
  • skiing, bicycles, table tennis, gym, volleyball ground for adults;
  • ATVs and snowmobiles for rent, boat tours along the Oka River;
  • an experienced guide will take you on a city tour, show some mushroom and berry places, and even take you on a hunt;
  • for an enjoyable outdoor evening, we provide gazebos with tables.

You can move into comfortable rooms in our main building or rent spacious cottages.

What to see in the vicinity

Sosnovy Bor Resort is located in Aleksin, which means that there are a large number of sights around available for any tourist at affordable prices. First of all, you may want to visit:

  • the museum of local lore, where you will discover the history of a fortress town on the Oka River and its challenging fate;
  • the Holy Kazan Women's Monastery and the miraculous spring of Efrosinya Kolyupanovskaya.
  • a mysterious estate in Kolosovo, similar to a Gothic castle;
  • Lysaya Gora, a mountain that fills you with energy;
  • Aleksin Bor, which is located right outside the resort fence;
  • The very first stone building in town is the Cathedral of the Assumption, built in 1688.

You can find the Sosnovy Bor Resort in Aleksin at 50 Let VLKSM, between 54 and 16. To book houses or rooms and find out more about the prices, please call 8 (910) 150-35-35. Any kind of recreation is available at the Sosnovy Bor Resort. Take photos, enjoy the nature and feel free to relax!

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