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Hotel complexes in Tula are a sort of a middle ground between inns and hotels. As the name of this type of accommodation implies, there are different services to enjoy. At the same time, hotel complexes do not apply such rigorous standards as hotels, which makes the price of accommodation lower.

Hotel complexes in Tula

In the City of Masters, Sayany and Inshinka SPA are considered the best representatives of this type. Even though both are hotel complexes, they are marketed differently.

  • Sayany remind a guest house with premises similar to those of a single-family home. However, the rooms are similar to those you can see in an inn. Besides, there are a swimming pool and barbecue sets available to use.
  • Inshinka SPA consists of a four-storey building with rooms and a large fully equipped restaurant with a banquet hall. Furthermore, here you can go to a SPA center and take a walk around the well-kept premises with gazebos.

Hotel complexes in Tula Region

You can find more accommodation facilities like this in the region than in Tula itself. Some offer cabins and cottages instead of rooms. Examples of such hotel complexes are Usadba Aleksandrovo and Prioksky Dvorik. Such establishments offer a steam bath, a sauna, and sports grounds or libraries as supplementary services.

On this website, you can look for a suitable hotel complex in both Tula and Tula Region, compare prices, and get phone numbers and locations of facilities.