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Do you think that the map of Tula with sights is quite useful?! Then, you have not seen an interactive digital map of the attractions of TULA REGION!

Here, you will find everything… From the most popular tourist sites (Yasnaya Polyana, Kulikovo Field, Polenovo, or the Museum of Arms) to those places where no crowds of tourists have walked before (picturesque tracts near the Krasivaya Mecha River).

In order for you to have time to see the maximum, we would like to suggest that you mentally divide our region into peculiar clusters (the map of attractions will help):

1. Central cluster – the one that includes Tula and Shchekinsky District. A couple of days would be enough for you to visit the Kremlin, Kazan Embankment, Museum of Arms, Yasnaya Polyana, Museum of the Machine, and Central Park. Our tourist information centers will help you choose a complete list of places and find a good guide.

2. Oka cluster - a zone that includes the Aleksinsky District and the Zaoksky District. The pearls of these places are the V.D.Polenov Museum-Estate, Bolotov A.T. Museum-Estate "Dvoryaninovo," Museum of the Commander of the Varyag Cruiser V.F. Rudnev, and Holy Kazan Monastery in Kolyupanovo.

3. "Kulikovsky" cluster - includes Novomoskovsky, Uzlovsky, Venyovsky, Kimovsky, and Bogoroditsky Districts. The undisputed leader of tourist attention here is the Kulikovo Field Museum Complex. The source of the Don River, the "Twelve Fountains" Holy Spring, and the birthplace of Matrona Nikonova in Sebino are located nearby.

Look at the map, write down the addresses, and hurry up to us!

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