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Boarding houses of Tula and Tula Region significantly differ from other local accommodation facilities. Guests are neither offered treatment nor required to follow a daily schedule like in a destination spa with medical services. Boarding houses in Tula are meant for healthy people who need some rest from everyday routine and work-related issues by enjoying the beautiful nature and comfort. What services do guests get when they come here?


There are two main room formats for boarding house guests: rooms in brick buildings and rooms in cabins. In Tula Region there are plenty of both, so guests will have no trouble finding what they need.

The standard contents of a boarding house room include beds, nightstands and a bathroom. Availability of extra options determine the class of a room and, accordingly, the price of accommodation. In this respect boarding houses are little or no different from inns.


Board is given special attention in boarding houses. First of all, the diet here is balanced and natural. This food culture has survived in boarding houses since the Soviet times.

The second feature are scheduled meals three to five times a day that are included in the price of the voucher. Meal format varies in different boarding houses with a choice from a menu or a buffet.


Leisure is an integral part of vacation. The higher the class of a boarding house, the more entertainment and modern services are offered to guests. Here are several options guests may enjoy:

  • hiking, cycling or skiing;
  • athletic equipment rental for outdoor activities;
  • steam bath, sauna, pool, hammam and even SPA center;
  • fitness facilities, children’s playgrounds and sports grounds;
  • bars, restaurants, banquet halls, and nightclubs;
  • libraries and board game rooms;
  • gazebos with tables, often with a charcoal grill installed nearby.

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