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Architectural monuments of Tula Region and Tula are able to remind us of the existence of a highly developed civilization on our land! Builders of the past were skillful enough to make neat arches, dentils, and columns with luxurious capitals. Carved Tula frames have earned special glory in the wooden architecture. A certain uniqueness, as well as a breath of history, is present in almost every city in our region. Evidence of the existence of quality and skill that border on fantasy is captured in stone and perfect brickwork. The quality of building materials is not comparable to modern ones! Abandoned and unpainted houses kept their shape and load-bearing capacity for decades, which allowed many of them to be restored! Almost all architectural monuments in Tula were built before 1917. Many monumental, breathtaking architectural creations remain only in photos. However, modern master, architects, or builders may learn from the photos as well! When another power came, it started to sweep away the "dust of time" from the road that led, as it seemed, to a bright future. More monuments of architecture in Tula could have remained and certainly in better quality if descendants treated them better. Only in the late seventies of the last century, valuable buildings began to be put in order. Now we cannot admire the modern elements of the Yermolayevs-Zverevs house at the intersection of Kiyevskaya and Mendeleyevskaya streets. We cannot put a candle in the Epiphany Cathedral of the Tula Kremlin or in the Kazan Cathedral near the same-name embankment. The fountains at the White House will not remind you of the Spassky Church. Those Tula architectural monuments that have survived to this day, did it against all odds in order to please you! Come as soon as possible and take a photo a la XIX century! The best master restorers have put their best efforts for you to bring home a sense of admiration!