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Treasury chamber building

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    It is located on the south-eastern side of the avenue of a small residential quarter bounded by Lenin Prospekt, Kaminskogo, Turgenevskaya and Pushkinskaya Streets. The building is part of the complex of government offices. It is a large building, originally 2-storeyed, with an L-shaped plan developed into the heart of the yard territory. Decorative design of the initial content of the building was formed in the beginning of the 19th century out of typical classic elements. These are rusticed walls of the ground floor completed by a interstorey cornice with large semi-circular windows. The top of the building used to end with a high flat frieze and wide eaves, flanked by metapes. Window openings of the first floor are surrounded by simple profiled architraves, completed with low profiled shelves of head mouldings.
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    43 Lenin Ave., Tula
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43 Lenin Ave., Tula

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