Tula Engineering Plant Exhibition Hall

The Tulmashzavod Production Association is one of the largest holdings, which includes the parent company "Tulmashzavod" and twenty subsidiaries, equally oriented both to the production of both products for the defense industry and civilian products. The plant is located on a historical site - Tula Frolovskaya Sloboda, famous for its craftsmen. On the territory belonging to the Joint-Stock Company today, the Baytsurovskiy plant was established in 1879, which manufactured a variety of products from cast iron and copper. In 1912, the enterprise became part of the Imperial Tula Weapons Plant as a "New Plant" as it was called by Tula inhabitants. Throughout its history, the plant has always been known for both defense and civilian products not only in Russia but also abroad. The history of the enterprise as an inseparable part of the history of Russia is represented in the Exhibition complex – the Museum of Science and Technology "Tulmashzavod". The exhibition complex of JSC "AK 'Tulamashzavod'" was opened on January 27, 1995. The total area of the exhibition complex is 911.1 square meters, the exhibition area make up 611 square meters, the total number of storage units is more than 5300 (including actual samples, written, pictorial and material originals, clothing reproductions – mock-ups, models). The exhibition complex in 2005 received the status of a museum of science and technology. On December 6, 2005 the exhibition complex of JSC "AK 'Tulamashzavod'" was admitted to the Association of Scientific and Technical Museums of the Russian Committee of the International Council of Museums (ICOM). "Passport of the Museum of Science and Technology" and Certificate No. 41 on admission to the Association were presented to the head manager of the Advertising and Exhibition Center – the head of the Exhibition Complex Balakina Olga Viktorovna in the central hall of the Polytechnic Museum (Moscow). Moscow). Exposition with achievements of engineering thought and industrial technologies, moral, cultural and technical heritage of the plant are presented in exhibition halls.
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2 Mosin St., Tula
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Дмитрий 26 June 2021
Одно из градообразующих предприятий города оружейников, находится в историческом центре города. Возле проходных установлены бронзовые скульптуры. Отличное место для посещения, очень познавательно.