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    The Annunciation Church The oldest temple of the city of Tula was built in 1695. The builder of the temple was the priest Theophylactus Fedorov, that confirms a white stone slab built in the cathedral wall. According to the architectural style, the Annunciation Church is a classic example of the local churches of "Moscow style ". The construction of the temple is traditional for that time: the high, covered by a closed vault of the church is joined to a rounded apse and there’s, on the other side, – a refectory. A bell tower with a striking clock is above the western facade. The temple is one-storey, and two levels of facade windows illuminate an interior space. The five-domed church is closed, decorative. Cast-iron figure casting of the late Middle Ages in the stone floor of the refectory is of historical significance. The church has a chapel in honor of the Iberian Icon of the Mother of God. There is a miraculous icon of the Iberian Mother of God - one of the most valuable and ancient icons, kept outside the museum.
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    Tula, Blagoveshchenskaya street, 4
    8 (4872) 56-56-53
    Ежедневно: 08:00 - 18:00.
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Tula, Blagoveshchenskaya street, 4
8 (4872) 56-56-53
Ежедневно: 08:00 - 18:00.

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