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Rogozhinsky Park in Tula

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    The Rogozhinsky City Park is a large green area in the hero city of Tula, located at the intersection of Mikheyev and Timiryazev Streets. The area of the park is 53,167.7 sq. m.  The Rogozhinsky Park was granted the status of a specially protected natural area, a monument of nature. The park is located in the Central District, in the territory of Rogozhinsky settlement, near the Arsenal Stadium. Before the revolution, an infantry camp of the Taurian regiment was located here; there were military camps and shooting ranges. if to take the plan of Tula in 1931, there is a green area on the site of the camps. In 1941, here was the forward edge of defense of the city and the brutal fighting took place. 

    More than 250 species of plants have been identified in the park.  The fauna of vertebrates, including fish, amounted to 70 species. The study of the entomofauna of the territory revealed a noticeable variety of insects, especially large dragonflies, orthoptera insects, butterflies, including rare and endangered species. Rare area-wide or region-wide insect species inhabit mainly the Northern part of the park. The main inhabitants of the park are squirrels, hedgehogs, mallards, magpies, finches, goldfinches, robins, nuthatches, blackbirds, and many others. 

    The park has playgrounds for children and workout. The indoor ice arena "Tropic," which is the first in the history of Tula, is in the immediate vicinity of the park.
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    Mikheyev Street and Timiryazev Street Intersection, Tula
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Mikheyev Street and Timiryazev Street Intersection, Tula

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