Rogozhinsky Park in Tula

Parks and gardens are the lungs of the city. They are the places where you can escape from work and household chores. In Sovetsky District of Tula, there is Belousovsky Park; in Proletarsky District, there is, respectively, Proletarsky Park; in Komsomolsky and Tsentralny Districts, there is Rogozhinsky Park. The parks have nothing to disturb visitors. Attractions, clubs, disco houses, and noisy playgrounds have bypassed those places for you to relax in the fresh air.

Few people in Tula know where Rogozhinsky Park or even the Rogozhinsky village is located. The expanding Russian gingerbread capital swallowed up both the village and the area around it. It is known that before the 1917 revolution, military camps with shooting ranges were located here. As the Bolsheviks arrived, the area near the ravine and the Rogozhnya River got the name of OSOAVIAKHIM Park.

During the years of the defense of Tula, people fought here with the Panzer Army of Guderian and the elite troops of the Great Germany division. Thanks to the fierce defense, the enemy failed to take the City of Craftsmen here. During the battle in the Rogozhinsky village, the Soviet hero and commissar of the Tula workers' regiment Grigory Ageyev died here. There is a monument in the park at the place where he was slain.

Rogozhinsky Park is located near the stadium of the Russian football team Arsenal and next to the ancient All Saints Cathedral with its mysterious necropolis. The Tropic Ice Arena located on the park premises welcomes everyone who wants to go ice skating, and Rogozhinsky pond is perfect for lovers of quiet and pacifying fishing.

In Tula, Rogozhinsky Park can be marked on the map as Park of the 250th Anniversary of Tula Arms Plant. Indeed, this place was reorganized and equipped in 1962 in honor of the Tula Arms Plant anniversary. Another interesting fact about the park is that it was included in the list of specially protected natural areas in 2014. It is known that the Rogozhinsky park in Tula was a natural boundary during the era of tsarist power. This means that it stood out from the familiar surroundings of the City of Craftsmen. Rugged ravines, a pond with 70 species of fish, large dragonflies and butterflies make this area unique and perfect for photographers.

Rogozhinsky Park in Tula has no address as such; it is found at the intersection of Timiryazeva Street and Mikheeva Street. Family and patriotic events are sometimes held here; to find out more, please call +7 (963) 932-05-47.

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Mikheyev Street and Timiryazev Street Intersection, Tula
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