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BARY Coffeehouse at Prospekt Lenina 33

BARY Coffeehouse at Prospekt Lenina 33 фото 1
33 Prospekt Lenina, Tula
Office hours:
Monday through Sunday 8:00-22:00
Average bill:
270 Р
street food

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BARY is a Tula coffeehouse chain founded in 2014 and working with specialty beans. We place great importance on coffee and have utmost confidence in the quality of our product. In this area, we rely on our own roast and bakery.

We are a member of the SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association of Europe) and take top positions in the coffee sector of this city.

We are interested in new technology and implement them at all levels from bean to cup, raise standards, and train employees.

We offer a broad range of beverages: standard espresso-based ones, seasonal and alternative brew methods. We also serve a wide variety of in-house desserts, sandwiches, and breakfasts all day long.

BARY is a way of life with its own special atmosphere.

It matters to us that a guest feels at home and would always like to come back. That kind of friendly and comfortable atmosphere is created by the whole BARY team.

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BARY Coffeehouse at Prospekt Lenina 33
33 Prospekt Lenina, Tula
+7 (902) 900-10-00
Monday through Sunday 8:00-22:00
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