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Parks and Squares

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Tula parks! Small and huge, entertaining and quiet… All of them are specially protected natural areas because they are green islands of silence in a bustling industrial city.

It is difficult to imagine that parks in Tula were once completely unequipped unattractive vacant lots, where it was difficult to walk and have fun. Thanks to Tula Industrialists and public figures, these pearls of Tula and Tula Region started to appear in the City of Masters from the late 19th century.

Parks in Tula have clear zoning. Everyone will find a recreation to its liking here!

Forest areas save residents and visitors from the heat. Even your breath will be different here. The absence of garbage, well-groomed avenues with benches under the dense crowns of oaks, poplars, and willows give a positive mood for a few days ahead!

Both quiet ponds and equipped beaches can be found here. Choose to your taste to take a boat ride or sunbathe on the sandy beach, play volleyball or feed cute ducks, arrange a real swim race from coast to coast or read poetry under the shade of trees.

For the most active guests of Tula our parks provide attractions spinning at supersonic speeds, rollers and bicycles and nets for playing table tennis. Of course, you need to know the working hours of all these activities. To do this, go to the portal of Tula parks.

Do you like to keep yourself in great shape? Horizontal bars, parallel bars and exercise equipment will not let you get loose and bored too much!

Parks and Squares of Tula are waiting for you for gatherings with friends, for romantic confessions and for walks with children.

Speaking of kids! Squares in Tula, as well as Parks, are equipped with children's playgrounds where young guests can throw out megawatts of their thermonuclear energy!!!

Have you ever read books outdoors? Try it! You know, it is priceless! Parks and Squares in Tula are literally created for this! New knowledge and fresh thoughts will start visiting your head without any doubt! And what is most important, you do not need to know the prices and opening hours because Squares in Tula, as well as Parks, are open around the clock for free access. Undoubtedly, the most pleasant impressions, especially for romantic people, are given by night walks along cozy paths. It is very useful to take an evening promenade after dinner in restaurants located near the parks.

Addresses and locations of all green areas of our city and region on the map can be found on the interactive map of our tourist portal. To do this, while on the main page, you should go a little down.

Put on comfortable shoes and go for an unforgettable walk in the Parks and Squares of the Workshop of Russia! Social media are waiting for your photo!