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Pushkin Square

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43 Lenin Ave., Tula
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  • Description
    The square was opened in 1847 and was called the English garden. The second English garden was planted on the spot where now the Communards’ Square (Gogol’s) is located In Pushkin square, behind the monument, dedicated to A. S. Pushkin, you can see an ancient building of the end of XVIII century, which was built for the Governor of that time, but after completion, it was given to Tula diocese, where the Church of the Three hierarchs was built. The Church had bells, choirs and a library. During the early eighteenth century to the end of 1820 here was located: the Theological Seminary and Consistory, then the District religious school, which was closed after the October revolution and then in this building were the school and the interschool educational-production plant. Since 1991 to present time here is Lyceum №1
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    43 Lenin Ave., Tula
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