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Residential House of the Prince Kasatkin-Rostovsky

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    It is located on the South-Eastern side of the avenue, along the red line of a dense series of buildings of the block bounded by Lenin Avenue, Sovetskaya Street, Bukhanovsky Lane, and Kaminsky Street. It is a small 2-story stone residential building with a plan of late adjacent buildings, developed towards the yard. The roof over the major volume of the house is gable with triangular firewalls on the end walls. The walls are plastered and painted. Two flat avant-corps with a width of two window openings are arranged at the corners of the main facade. The decoration of the main facade is replete with eclectic details. They are a large number of profiled cornice rods, rusticated pillars of the ground floor. The top of the walls of the building is completed by a developed frieze flanked by a number of large, stucco consoles alternating with round rosettes and stucco medallions, which are performed in the form of a coat of arms. Window trimmers are encircled by a plaster profile of a simple form.

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    27 Lenin Ave., Tula
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27 Lenin Ave., Tula

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