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The temple of the Holy Prince Vladimir

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    The Temple of Saint Equal to the Apostles Prince Vladimir. A house temple, located in one of the engineering buildings of the Tula machine-building plant, was consecrated in the name of Saint Equal to the Apostles Prince Vladimir. Almost all workshops and services of the enterprise participated in the construction and arrangement of the temple. The shrines were brought to the factory church: the relics of Saint John of Tula, the warrior Fyodor Ushakov, Reverend Ilya Murometz, the Bethlehem infants, the ancient icon of St. Nicholas the Miracle-Worker and the icon of the Holy Mother «In grief and sorrow Consolation». For the 70th anniversary of the plant, celebrated on July 8, 2009, it was decided to build a detached temple. The arches of the temple were painted by the Tula artist Zheltkov. On the belfry of the temple there are six bells, cast in Voronezh according to ancient technology. The temple is fenced by a lattice, forged at the "Tulamashzavod" subsidiary "Metallurg" under sketches of the famous grid of the Summer Garden in St. Petersburg, which at the time was also made on the Tula land. The consecration of the church took place on May 15, 2009.
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Tula, Mosina street, 2

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