WhatElse? Gastronomic Bistro

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11/1 Sovetskaya St., Tula
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  • Description

    "WhatElse?" is the modern gastronomic bistro in the historic heart of the city. A joint project of creative guys from "Dom 15" chef Igor Sindeyev and bar manager Alexander Glukhov.

    "Not boring place for every day" is about us. The philosophy of the restaurant is an unexpected combination of familiar ingredients and elements, built on a contrasting interaction with each other. This idea is traced not only in the novelty of gastronomic offers, but also behind the bar, in the design and approach to the guests. "WhatElse?" - this is, first of all, a story about food. The food is simple, tasty, healthy, but interesting. After all, the menu contains soused apples from neighborhood Aleksin, farro porridge, French sauce bisque and sour fennel in Asian Kimchi style.

    "Iskra" creative quarter, in which we are located, is situated in the very center of the city, right at the intersection of the walking route between "Oktava", Metallistov street, the new embankment and the Kremlin.

    So, "WhatElse?" is not only a new place for citizens, but also a promising project as a business card for tourists.

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    11/1 Sovetskaya St., Tula
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