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Do you have a weekend or even a long-awaited vacation coming up?

Year after year you spent time in the country or on the beaches of the Black sea. No matter how expensive and traditional such a holiday is for you, you feel worthy of new, positive and unusual impressions. And we have something to offer you!

Who would have thought before that a vacation in Tula and the Tula Region would be an unforgettable adventure with a storm of bright colors, kind smiles and stunning photos? Today the Workshop of Russia may offer you all this and even more right in the center of the country! Moreover, the price of such a vacation is extremely comfortable!

When considering the question of "how to plan a vacation in Tula and Tula Region", first of all, it is required to assess your strengths and capabilities. Our travel portal will help you with all the other things. There are so many types of entertainment, as well as their contacts and addresses, that a month will not be enough for you to try out the full list!

Going to Tula with children? Cool! The Pyotr Petrovich Belousov Central Park of Culture and Recreation is a huge green country for children with exciting rides, slides, and swings.

In order to please our young guests with communicating wildlife in the Park there is the best Exotarium in the world and a fun pet's corner! The abundance of fauna is impressive! Prices and tailed residents don't bite!

Many museums in the city and region implement children's entertainment programs and masterclasses that will definitely not let the children get bored! And if active pastime has already tired the young body, you may go to the performance in the legendary Tula Puppet Theater.

Holidays in Tula with children will be comfortable and exciting for everyone in your small tourist group.

Tula Region is famous not only for weapons, samovars, pryaniks, and harmonicas but also for being one of the three regions with the largest number of museums per capita! Do you know what this means? This means that the rest in Tula, particularly, cultural and educational tourism, is put on a grand scale in the city. The quality, interactivity, and availability of information together with fascinating stories, vivid emotions, and affordable prices will complement your leisure time for the entire stay in the land of masters.

After a successful day spent in the most interesting places in Tula Region, you definitely need to spend an unforgettable night! Entertainment in Tula and Tula Region is ultimately diverse. Go to the best cinemas and theaters in the city in evening dresses or take a walk through the incomparable parks and squares of the City of Masters! Visit the coolest lectures in the Octave cluster or fill your Instagram account with photos in Iskra!

The choice is yours! Entertainment in Tula and Tula Region is waiting for you! Write down the address: the Land of Masters, the Pryanik Capital!