Maxi Ferris Wheel

The Ferris wheel near the Maxi shopping mall is the second highest one in the Central Federal District and only 10 meters lower than the 65-meter-tall Yaroslavl's Golden Ring. Convenient hours and low admission fees attract hundreds of Tula residents and guests every day. We recommend riding the wheel at least twice: in the afternoon and at night. Why? We're going to tell you now!

Located in the parking lot of the Maxi shopping mall, the Ferris wheel is the tallest object in the heart of Tula, which means that its passengers can explore the sights of the old city without hour-long walks. From there you can appreciate the expanse of the city, the location of important tourist sites, map out the route of your getting to know the Gingerbread Capital.

The Ferris wheel near the Maxi in Tula can be used for romantic dates, photo shoots and filming sessions, and as a place for family events. The slow, pacifying motion in a quiet and cozy pod gives you time to rest from a walk along Kazanskaya Embankment or from a shopping blitz at the Maxi shopping mall.

During the day, the ride's 55-meter height gives a panoramic view of the Ula River, the Tula Arms Plant, the Kremlin, Blagoveshchensky Church, Lenin Square, and the Administration building, Uspensky Church and Vsehsvyatsky Cathedral buried in verdure of the Tula necropolis. In the east you will see the Suvorov Cadet Corps and the Patriot Park. Its nigh-at-hand to Chulkovskaya Sloboda, and in the northwest you will see the helmet of the Tula Museum of Arms, the monumental Church of the Nativity next to it, and the area across the river stretching to the northwest. To see all of that, all you need to do is use the Ferris wheel at the Maxi shopping mall in Tula.

At night, the city acquires a special charm. Headlights of cars dashing along the city streets glimmer like coals in a fire. The snow-white bell tower of the Vsehsvyatsky Church illuminated from all sides against the background of the black sky, standing on a hilltop looks like the city's protector from darkness. From that height, the Tula Kremlin and the embankment look like toys. The Maxi shopping mall and the Ferris wheel have extra illumination at night and are noticeable from afar, which makes it possible to find them without a map.

For admission fees, current promos, and open hours, please call +7 (999) 782-60-49. Address of the Ferris wheel at the Maxi shopping mall in Tula: 2 Proletarskaya Street.

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