Gribnaya Polyanka Sculpture

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    The year of 2014 for Tula was notable for the fact that the city has found a lot of interesting art objects. A wonderful composition "Mushroom Glade" stands out among them.

    The author of the sculpture is Yuri Uvarkin. He also made the composition "Swan Lake" in the Central Park Belousov. Olga Gruzdev, the Governor's wife, ordered this wonderful item as a gift to the citizens. The composition was cast at Tulamashzavod.

    How cute this bronze hedgehog is, admiring the plenty of mushrooms in the Kremlin Square. This is beyond words! Everyone needs to see this!

    The composition "Mushroom Glade," which attracts not only residents of Tula but also its guests, is located at the address: 8 Mendeleevskaya Str., the heart of the city.

    Children playing on the playground rarely pay attention to it. Run up, climb on mushrooms, and play carelessly. How nice to watch the fun kids here!

    Do not miss the chance to take a commemorative picture near the cute hedgehog!
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    The Kremlin Garden, Tula
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The Kremlin Garden, Tula

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