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All Saints Cathedral Church

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    All-Saints Cathedral A wooden church was built in 1773, at the cemetery outside the city ("on the land") founded in 1771and was replaced in 1776 by a stone church in the name of the Second Coming with a chapel in the name of Lazarev Resurrection (left) and Honor of All Saints (right side-chapel). In 1825 the construction of the majestic three-tiered belltower, crowned with a high spire (the height of the bell tower to the cross of 82 m) was completed. Despite the fact that between the beginning of the construction of both objects - churches and bell towers - it took more than half a century, the architect-designer Vasily Fedoseyevich Fedoseyev, as a talented architect, managed to preserve the architectural unity of the All Saints Ensemble: characteristic porticoes with twin columns on the corners of the temple were built by the architect in both upper tiers of the bell tower. In 1867, at the corners of the first tier of the bell tower, figures of trumpeting angels were installed. By its style, the temple belongs to the early Russian classicism of the second half of the 18th century. The influence of the Baroque era is reflected in the complexity of the church plan, in the rich-decorated facades, in the typically baroque pillars in the corners of the building, in the complex crepe of the cornices. The construction of the church started a year after the construction of the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, and the architectural forms of the All-Sainted Church were affected by the influence of the outstanding creation of AF Kokorinov and JM Vallin-Delamot. The striking mutual discrepancy between the monumental main volume of the building and the apparently underdeveloped five-headed building is explained by the fact that on August 8, 1790, one of the five largest domed churches crowned the church fell in, as a result the reconstruction of the whole building followed. . Concerning the similarity with the Tula Church of the Nativity of the Virgin (Zarechensky District) it is assumed that the author of the new completion of the temple is architect K. Sokolnikov from Tula. In the lower church of the Second Advent, local icons were written by the "certified icon painter and Tula gunsmith" Grigory Ivanovich Belousov, who, in his own words, "had icon painting written “from the egg" (the report of G. Belousov of the Tula consistory in 1763). In 1901, the Tula City Duma took a decision to erect a shrine at the All Saints cemetery in the name of Makary Zhabynsky. Two isolated rooms were supposed to attach to the temple : for those who died from infectious diseases and for the storage of corpses for a long time. The beginning of the construction of the temple-burial vault and the almshouse on the south-eastern side of the All-Saints cemetery took place on July 26, 1902. The construction was not finished but the foundation pit has been preserved on the site where the construction had been planned. Speaking of modern cathedrals, Tula All- Saints cathedral is one of the greatest works of architecture , its interior composition makes an unforgettable impression by the triumph and elegance of the interior. Built on the high point, it is visible from all points of the city, it dominates the general background of the city and its splendid bell tower perfectly fits into the general panorama of Tula. The walls of the lower and then the upper church were painted with paintings on biblical themes by Moscow artists PA Gladkov and VM Golubev in 1955-1960. For the mural painting the artists for took the best samples of famous artists, all the subjects and ornaments were drawn with the great accuracy. From the book by R. R. Lozinsky "Pages of the past"
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79 Tolstoy St., Tula
8 (4872) 36-41-01.
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