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    The building was constructed in the late 18th century. Approximately in the middle of the 19th century, it was owned by Collegiate Counsellor, Master of Pharmacy Ferdinand G. Belyavsky. He opened his pharmacy, which became one of the most popular in the city. Today the building accommodates the "Old Tula Pharmacy" (Staraya Tulskaya Apteka) permanent exhibition.

    One of the display cases is devoted to quackery and herbal treatment, the second one – to medical miracles (here you can see a water snake preserved in alcohol, crab and fish viscera, human skull, wolf tooth and other curiosities), the third one – to the preparation of medicine and pharmaceutical utensils, the fourth one – to work and studies of pharmacists… In the display cases, you can see antique pharmaceutical utensils, scales, books, medical tools, syringes, microscope, recipe forms, photographs of pre-revolutionary interiors, and medicine packages of the 19th century.

    The museum offers different tours and master classes. For example, during the "Secrets of Perfumery" master class, you can learn how and of what perfumes and colognes are made and how to make a perfume composition based on natural oils.

    In addition, numerous lectures, master classes and workshops with participation of the best architects, designers, urbanists, anthropologists, and historians of culture are held on the second floor in the TIAM lecture hall every month from September to May.

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    27 Lenin Ave., Tula
    +7 (4872) 31-26-61
    Wed-Sun 10:00-19:00
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    Наталья 02 August 2021
    Было очень приятно, что женщины смотрительницы подсказывали на что обратить внимание и рассказали много интересного. Пиявки есть - прикольно)))) Баночки-скляночки и знаменитая блоха!
    Александр 13 April 2021
    Прекрасная экспозиция, экспонаты (различные пузырьки и склянки образца 18-19 веков) дополнены интересными описаниями. Порадовала дружелюбная атмосфера и вежливый персонал! Все разрешают и даже призывают фотографировать!
27 Lenin Ave., Tula
+7 (4872) 31-26-61
Wed-Sun 10:00-19:00

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