Alexander Nevsky Church

A small but solemn Church of Alexander Nevsky almost in the center of Tula with a neat and well-groomed territory worthy of your photo is waiting for you. You may order here various occasional services by phone.

It stands beautifully and majestically among the stone jungles of the residential area. A true monument of military valor, the Church of Alexander Nevsky, has also a quite heroic history.

The Church was built in stone in 1885 due to donations from Yefim Kuchin, a merchant of the third guild. At that time, two parts of the Church were consecrated, one in memory of the main benefactor, in honor of the monk Euthymius the Athonite, and the second in memory of the death of Emperor Alexander II, in the name of the Holy Martyr Euphrosinia (according to the date of the patronal feast).

A parochial school, a library, and an almshouse are also located here. The custodians of the parish did not skimp on the maintenance of these facilities useful for the community.

The first "combat" feats of Church servants and parishioners occurred in the early 20s of the last century. The Father Superior of the Church was an ardent opponent of "Renovationism" among the clergy. This priest was Pyotr Bazhenov. He participated in processions, consecrated the Church after the services of the "Renovationists," and restored true priests to their positions. Subsequently, he managed to hide from the chekists during the strengthening of the power of the proletariat. The priest was accused of counter-revolutionary actions.

Moreover, it is believed that the former city major of Tula, Lyubomudrov Andrei Andreyevich, who devoted a lot of time, effort, and money to the Church, organized a monarchical unit of the Russian People's Union here.

Since the Church of Alexander Nevsky has long been considered a storm center of counter-revolution in Tula, it was decided to close it in 1930.

Only in 2005, the Orthodox cross again shone over the only survived dome of the Church.

The Church of Alexander Nevsky in Tula is secretly a military one. Opposite the entrance is a stele with the names of the holder of the order of Alexander Nevsky. A cadet group has been established in the Sunday school, where the history of the Russian army is taught, and the Church feeds the Tula Cossacks and veterans' organizations.

The wonderful Church of Alexander Nevsky is waiting for you within its walls at the address: 1 Alexander Nevsky Square. Please call 8(4872)21-13-00.

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5 Sofya Perovskaya St., Tula
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