Arsenal Stadium

The Arsenal Stadium is the major sports center of Tula. Along with the city's main football field with stands, it includes:

  • the oldest cycle track in Russia, still operating;
  • cafe, hotel, shop with Arsenal Football Club merch;
  • 5 football fields for team training,
  • ground for track and field sports,
  • indoor and outdoor tennis courts;
  • 50m long swimming pool with 8 tracks.

The Arsenal Stadium is a beloved place to thousands of Tula residents. It welcomes guests from other countries and regions of Russia, and its stands can accommodate over 20,000 sports fans. It has everything to support your favorite team. Of course, a TV set wouldn't bring a similar experience, and a photo with your friends at the stands would remain a dream. It's up to you to change that.

The history of the Arsenal Stadium

Since 1959, the Arsenal Stadium has been providing its visitors with positive emotions. Just take a look. By the late 19th century, Tula ended in its southern part with Tolstovskaya Zastava, that is, the today's Gogolevskaya Street. By 1896, a park and the oldest Tula cycle track in Russia, which has survived and is still operating, appeared on the wasteland behind the All Saints Cemetery. For the rational use of the area adjacent to the cycle track, it was later decided to build a football stadium. Once the stadium was constructed in 1959, it got the name of Tula Luzhniki, then the name was changed for Trud, and the stadium acquired its current name only in the 1990s. It hosted international matches, and the Russian national football team played there in 1999. In 2015, after reconstruction, the Arsenal Stadium in Tula was awarded the first category.

According to the scheme, the Arsenal Stadium has 8 sectors at each side. The family seats and the fan zone are on the north side. On the south side, there are sectors for city guests who support the opposing team. Powerful lighting makes it easy to view the field at night, while large screens broadcast replays of the game's most poignant moments during breaks.

How to find the Arsenal Stadium in Tula

The Arsenal Stadium in Tula is located at Prospekt Lenina, 87. This means that fans can take a walk in the P. Belousov Central Park before a match and take some good photos or visit some cozy cafes in Likerka Loft at Prospekt Lenina, 85.
For more details of upcoming matches and other events at the stadium, please call 8 (4872) 57-04-40.

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