Historical centre of Tula Sculpture composition

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    The sculpture represents a model of the central part of Tula city in 1913. This territory is outlined by Sovetskaya Street in the west, south and east, the Tula Arms Plant and the Upa river in the north. The central elements of the ensemble are the Tula Kremlin and The Assumption Cathedtal with a bell-tower, 27m in height. It is the highest building in the model. The sculpture is cast in bronze. It has the size of 2.6m by 31.15m, and it weighs about a ton. The model is based on old maps of Tula and the book “Tula in the Old Postcard”. The sculptor Marina Logunova also consulted the local history expert Nataliya Kirilenko.
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    8 Sovetskaya St., Tula
8 Sovetskaya St., Tula
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