Likеrka Loft Shopping and entertainment complex

Do you think that a typical development existed only in the Soviet Union? You wish! The Russian Empire also constructed industrial buildings in various cities, which were similar to each other like two peas in a pod.

The Tula distillery built back in 1903 was one of such facilities. Similar enterprises were built in Yaroslavl, Rostov, and Nizhny Novgorod, as well as other cities of the Empire.

Despite the fact that the project was typical, the architecture of the former wine warehouses clearly demonstrates the taste and sense of style of the creator. This is what made it possible in the future to create a stylish youth space called Likerka Loft, where amazing photos can be made even just against the walls!

The products manufactured at the Tula factory were highly valued at international exhibitions, both before the revolution and during the Soviet years. Even in the 90s, the Tulaspirt company, which occupied the area of the distillery, annually increased capacity and products were in unprecedented demand!

It's a pity, but nothing is set in stone! The plant had been ruined and by the end of the 2000s, the former factory area was completely free of alcohol and equipment for its production.

On the back of giving up open-air markets and creating diverse shopping and entertainment centers, it was planned to build another typical shopping and entertainment center on the site of the factory. A bunch of boutiques with boots and shoes could have appeared within these over-a-hundred-years-old walls. However, the owners of the facility decided to go further and opened the Likerka Loft life-style center on the site of workshops and warehouses in 2012.

Do you know what a "life-style center" means in combination with a loft? This is a completely different type of shopping and entertainment center! It is a city within a city. In other words, there are several buildings that form streets and squares. Likerka Loft has as many as eight such buildings! There are museums, youth spaces, art facilities, and cafes that are intertwined with office and shopping areas!

But what does the word Loft mean in the name of the Likerka Loft?

Imagine that you own an old factory with brick walls, cast-iron black stairs, and floors. To get a rather atmospheric place, it is just required to clean up and hang elements of modern art on the walls. All this unpainted space is filled with fashionable boutiques and studios. Voila! We get a youth space in the loft style! Vintage enough but at the same time it doesn't smell like mothballs!

Photo zones, coffee shops, burger shops, a comic book store, multiple light bulbs, decorations, fun and stylish audience, it's all about Likerka Loft!

Where is it located?

Click on the Contacts button, find out the address, phone number, and working hours! Now put on something cool and welcome to Likerka, which will make fill up your Instagram posts! You won't regret it!

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85-87 Lenin Ave., Tula
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Every day 10:00-22:00
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Антон 02 June 2021
В Ликёрке любим по вечерам проводить время с друзьями. Здесь есть крутые бары, в то же время можно отлично погулять по территории, покачаться на качелях с девушкой, в летнее время поваляться на шезлонгах. Вечером тут включают подсветку, что делает это место ещё более привлекательным.