Entertainment Centres

Likеrka Loft Shopping and entertainment complex

Tula, Lenin Prospect, 85-87
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  • Description
    This object is a historical heritage, provided with modern functions. The complex includes the office and the commercial and entertaining departments. The complex provides maximum opportunities for the visitors to have a wonderful time in the family circle. For this purpose on its territory there is a fitness club, a medical center, an early development and a vocal art school, a children entertainment zone, as well as the whole complex of cafes and restaurants. The complex is located on the central highway on Lenin Prospect, so it is convenient to get there at any time of the day. The object is provided with a large number of parking spaces.Transfer to the official website
  • Contacts
    Tula, Lenin Prospect, 85-87
    Ежедневно: 10:00 - 22:00.
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