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Tula, Boldina Street, 137
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An interesting fact: Aravana Hotel owes its name to a small tropical fish that every guest can see in the large fish tank on the ground floor. But that is not the most important thing in the inn. Remarkably, this establishment is marketed in four areas, which is uncommon in Tula.


Today, the lines between different types of accommodation facilities are being blurred. This is done to satisfy the needs of different categories of guests and bring the price of accommodation to a more comfortable range.

Why is Aravana an inn? Here you can book a room with an ensuite, which is more typical of inns. There is a reception area and staff that can provide a full set of hotel services.

Why is Aravana a hotel? This accommodation format implies supplementary useful services for tourists. Only a footstep away is a beauty parlor, an auto repair shop, and a shashlik house.

Why is Aravana a guest house? The thing is that the facility is situated in a block of single-family homes and even resembles a large hospitable household. The staff’s warmth toward guests causes a feeling of being at home. It may seem as though you are visiting old friends.

Why is Aravana a hostel? This one is easy: there is a common room for 8 guests on the ground floor, which we will describe in more detail.


Guests are provided with a choice of beds or whole rooms. Aravana Hotel is divided into areas: separate rooms on the first floor and a hostel on the ground floor. This way guests who choose a particular category don’t get in each other’s way.

Hostel area. The guests of Aravana Hotel can choose between a room for eight or a separate room with a bunkbed. A kitchen, closets with locks, a clothing room, a library, and a board game room are at the hostel guest’s disposal.

Inn area. The inn rooms are very cozy and bright. Since there are very few of them, staff keeps them pristine clean. In the room there is a shower with towels, a blow dryer and toiletries, an armchair, and a coffee table.

Photos and booking options are available on the guest house’s official website at . To speak to the receptionist, please call +7-920-760-09-90. Address: Boldina Street, 137, Tula.

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