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Berezka Inn

Tula, Demonstratsii Street, 183
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  • Description

    What is the word birch (berezka) associated with? With Mother Russia, something homely and cozy. That is the atmosphere that the Beryozka Inn gives to its guests. If the guests of the city come to Tula by train, they don’t need to go far because the hotel is only 700m away from the Moskovsky Railway Station. Convenient? You bet!


    In its interior decoration, Berezka Inn uses elements of the Russian culture. Indeed, if guests find themselves there, they feel at home. Rooms have cable TV sets, a bathroom, an air conditioner, and beds with orthopedic mattresses for one or two guests. Housekeeping is daily.


    Berezka Inn offers its guests room service for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. All you need to do is place an order with the receptionist and your selected dishes will be on your table without fail and on time. Moreover, Berezka Inn can provide its guests with utensils to grill shashliks.


    If you look for feedback from our regulars, you will see for what services Berezka Inn is valued the most. Usually they are:

    • Russian woodfired steam bath with a pool;
    • large parking lot for guests only;
    • pets are allowed;
    • hourly rent of rooms for a reasonable price.

    Moreover, we offer a standard set of hotel services.

    Nearby locations

    The main attraction within 500 meters from the inn is Belousov Park of Culture and Recreation. Here you can go for a morning run, go on the rides with your kids and arrange romantic walks.

    Berezka Inn is situated at Demonstratsii Street, 183 in Tula. You can check the prices, room availability, and photos of interiors at For reservations or event planning matters, please call 8 (4872) 56-75-99.

  • Contacts
    Tula, Demonstratsii Street, 183
    8 (4872) 56-75-99
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