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Tula, Boldina Street, 45
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Air conditioning
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Evropa Hotel is situated in a historical district that became part of Tula in the 1950s. Earlier there had been Serebrovka village named after a small river of the same name. Today the river crosses Belousov Park of Culture and Recreation. It means that the inn’s guests can enjoy fresh air of the environmentally friendly district of the city, swim in Serebrovka pond, stroll down the green pathways, and listen to birds in just a five-minute-walk away from where they are staying. And those are not the only advantages that Evropa Hotel can offer to its guests in Tula.


Austere but cozy — that is how the interior of the hotel can be characterized. There is nothing superfluous here, but at the same time there is everything a tourist visiting Tula may need. The contents of rooms are standard for four-star accommodation facilities, which, considering the price of accommodation, complies with the modern interpretation of reasonable. In each room you can find:

  • air conditioner with changeable modes of operation;
  • stable Wi-Fi access;
  • cable TV set;
  • shower with a blow dryer, a complete set of toiletries and towels;
  • safe deposit box for valuables;
  • small refrigerator and a set of teaware for after an exhausting journey.

Evropa Hotel offers a selection of three room categories:

Standard. A 22-square-meter room that can accommodate 3 guests. The room has a double bed, nightstands, two easy chairs, and a small coffee table.

Twin. A 35-square-meter room that is perfect for guests travelling on business. It differs from the Standard room with a pair of separate beds and a full-fledged desk.

Suite. A room in classical style with an area of 48 square meters and a large double bed is the best that Evropa Hotel can offer. A dining area with a table, an upholstered couch, and a luxurious jacuzzi can add to variety and comfort on a romantic evening.


Evropa Hotel does not have its own restaurant or cafeteria, but it doesn’t stop guests from leaving positive feedback on dishes that hotel staff can deliver to rooms. The menu offers a selection of four types of continental breakfast.

If you would like to sit at a table, choose a business lunch or go out to dinner, then you can have a reasonably-priced meal within a five-minute-walk from the hotel, at the Sobranie Restaurant.


Beside the above options available to guests inside their rooms, customers can use the following services:

  • wake-up call,
  • call for a taxi by a specified time,
  • parking,
  • laundry,
  • information on the city sights.

Address of the inn: Boldina Street, 45. Book a room online or by phone: +7 (4872) 70-34-71. Details on prices, feedback and room photos can be found on our website at

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