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Welcome to Tula region!

Tula region is located almost in the very center of the European part of Russia on the Central Russian Upland.

Tula region is the most beautiful and generous region, which gave the world talented writers, artists, scientists, inventors and statesmen.

Tula land is praised by L.N. Tolstoy and I.S. Turgenev, V.A. Zhukovsky and I.A. Bunin, represented on the canvases of V.D. Polenov and G.G. Myasoyedov. This is a historical Kulikovo Field, Tolstoy’s Yasnaya Polyana, which gives charm and inspiration, a mysterious Turgenevsky’s Bezhin Meadow, unique landscapes on the banks of the Oka River, the wide beauty of Krasivomechye and the ancient dignified Tula...

The history of Tula region is full of events, reflected in unique monuments, memorial buildings and museum relics. Numerous ancient settlements, remains of the fortifications of the abattis line, architecture of ancient Russian cities, churches, estates, garden and park complexes are masterpieces of world and national culture. More than 900 historical and cultural monuments are under state protection, many of them are unique.

Tula citizens preserve and revive historical and cultural heritage of the region. Currently there are four museums of federal significance in the region: the State Memorial and Natural Reserve "Leo Tolstoy's Memorial Estate "Yasnaya Polyana", the State Military Historical and Natural Reserve "Kulikovo Field", the State Memorial Historical, Art and Natural Museum-Preserve of V.D. Polenov and the Tula State Museum of Arms. In total, over 900 historical and cultural monuments are under state protection in the region.

The First battlefield of Russia, Kulikovo Field, is about 140 km to the southeast from Tula. In memory of the victory over the Mongol-Tatar hordes, a memorial column and the temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh were erected on the Kulikovo Field. You can learn about war history of Kulikovo Field from ancient to modern times in the Museum and Memorial Complex of the Monastyrshchina village. And the battlefield became the Field of Russian military glory.

There is a beautiful three-storey white house - the Memorial Estate of Vasily Polenov, an outstanding Russian landscape painter of the second half of the 19th century, not far from Tarusa on a high hill above the Oka River. Its territory (870 hectares) includes an authentic house-museum, the artist's workshop "Abbatstvo" (i.e. “Abbey”), household buildings, the Trinity Church in the Bekhovo village, built according to the designs of V.D. Polenov, as well as the estate park, garden, surrounding meadows, forests and agricultural lands. The exposition of the museum-reserve tells about enlightenment and creative activity of several generations of the Polenov family.

Tula Region is a forge of Russian weapons. Today unique collections of weapons, cold-steel weapons and firearms of the 18th-21st centuries, modern hunting, sports and combat weapons of Tula production are exhibited and stored in two buildings: under the ancient domes of the Epiphany Cathedral in the territory of the Tula Kremlin and in a new 5-storey building in the form of a bogatyr helmet (since 2012).

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