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Kazanskaya Embankment

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Kazanskaya Embankment, Tula
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    A long time ago the Upa River flowed with its tributaries – the Tulitsa and the Old Tulitsa along the northern walls of the Kremlin. In 1712 following a decree by Peter I the construction of Tula Arms Plant began, so it was decided to expand the riverbed of the Old Tulitsa to provide the plant with water. The riverbed became so wide: many that people often confused the new-formed channel with the riverbed of the Upa River.

    Thus an embankment appeared in the territory between the walls of the Kremlin and the new channel. It was called Kazanskaya Embankment because there was the church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God nearby which replaced the old Kazan church badly damaged in the fire of 1834.

    The Kremlin garden built in 1837 became the so-called extension of the embankment. However, in the years after the October Revolution, the garden and the embankment became neglected. In 1929, the Kazan church was dismantled and the embankment completely turned from a beautiful place for unhurried walks into a wasteland. After some time the territory completely departed to Tula Arms Plant which was located on the opposite bank of the channel.

    The situation remained unchanged until 2017 when the embankment was transferred back to the city.

    Now various concerts and competitions regularly take place on the square near the Kremlin wall. In the warm season one may take a ride on a stylish boat through the cleared channel, observe beautiful swans settled nearby or fish while sitting on the lawn.

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    Kazanskaya Embankment, Tula
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