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7B Krasnoarmeysky Prospekt, Tula
Как добраться
Office hours
Tuesday through Thursday: 12:00–00:00, Friday and Saturday: 12:00–02:00
Average bill
1500 Р
Asian, Vegetarian, European
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Azaza Restaurant is a ‘new wave’ place where you can have a delicious meal and a pleasant time. It is a place that focuses on high-quality food, large servings, and friendly service.

The menu is based on classics of Pan-Asian cuisine like rolls, poke, ramen, and tom yum. You can even find standard dishes prepared with a twist by our Chef, as well as desserts that you will find in no other establishment in the city.

An atmosphere of its own is both the background of our restaurant and its philosophy. Instead of enormous halls, grandiose architectural solutions, and servers in white shirts, we have a small cozy space filled with plants, Asian paraphernalia, and items that makes you feel at home. And, of course, people are the main part. The staff who always take care of our guest’s wishes and two Chefs, one responsible for Pan-Asian cuisine, and the other one responsible for European cuisine.

Azaza is a place where you’re always welcome to have lunch or throw a birthday party. On weekends, thanks to its lighting, the restaurant is filled with an atmosphere of its own, and our DJ will help to maintain it.

The restaurant is situated in the heart of the city. It’s just a ten-minute walk away from the Kremlin and Metallistov Street. Besides, there is a large city parking lot next to the building for your convenience in case you decide to drive.

Azaza is the easiest way to come into contact with Pan-Asian culture in Tula.

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Юлия 18 August 2023
Приятное место и приветливый персонал. Рамён вкусный, насыщенный, но грибы жестковаты.
Наталья 15 August 2021
Очень понравился ресторан. Много всего с манго (блюда и напитки), а манго я обожаю

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