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LAZZAR Lazertag Arena фото
LAZZAR Lazertag Arena
13A Pervomayskaya Str., Bld. 25, Tula
Lasertag arena LAZZAR is a huge space labyrinth in which an exciting game on laser blasters takes place. Before the start of the game, the participants (up to 16 people) are divided into 2 teams. They...
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Voskhod Climbing wall фото
Voskhod Climbing wall
62 F.Engels Str., Tula
The climbing center Voskhod is a fascinating place where you can try yourself as a real mountaineer. Experienced instructors will conduct a master class with you, tell you about the safety precaution...
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Outdoor Activiites Center Dolina X фото
Outdoor Activiites Center Dolina X
Bus stop Kosogorsky Most,6 Schyokinskoe Shosse, Tula
Dolina X is a center for outdoor activities, a venue for celebrations and parties in one of Tula's green areas. In winter, guests can go skiing, snowboarding, and tubing, while all the necessary e...
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Paintball Club Tulsky Legion фото
Paintball Club Tulsky Legion
1A Varvarovka Village, Tula Region
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Wake Park "SLIDE" фото
Wake Park "SLIDE"
Obidimo, Tula City District, Tula Region
The Wake Park SLIDE was founded in the early summer of 2013, in the territory of the Barsukovsky Quarry. Since May 2018, the Wake Park is based in the beach of Obidimo village. This is the first a...
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The Sputnik sport-health centre фото
The Sputnik sport-health centre
18 Shkolnaya Str., 18, Donskoy Microdistrict, Severo-Zadonsk, Tula Region
The Sputnik sport-health centre provides the following services: swimming lessons for children and adults,a single visit to the swimming pool, football practices for children (6-18 y.), box practices,...
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Grumant Horse Riding Facility фото
Grumant Horse Riding Facility
201 km of M2 highway, Grumant Village, Shchyokinsky District, Tula Region
On the premises of the GRUMANT Resort & SPA, there is a horse riding facility where show-jumping and dressage competitions have been held for over 10 years. Traditionally in September, GRUMANT...
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