Paintball Club Tulsky Legion

Tulsky Legion is a paintball club with an area of 5 ha, modern sports and lighting equipment as well as qualified employees, that hosts competitions and corporate events on a turnkey basis.

Why play paintball? First, to get rid of the workweek stress and household chores and plunge into the world of fun shootouts with friends you have known for a long time or colleagues you want to get to know better. Paintball Club Tulsky Legion is the best way to achieve these goals.

The adrenaline boost and vivid emotions in paintball are not the same level with computer games.

Game scenarios at Tulsky Legion

To make the team play interesting, professional organizers of paintball shootouts at Tulsky Legion have developed several scenarios. Apart from them, guests are offered several sites to choose from:

  • Kremlin is a building for the oncoming assault of two teams;
  • Naduvnyak is a professional platform for all-Russian competitions;
  • Pentagon is a zone to simulate street fighting with a fortress siege;
  • Wooden zone serves for team training before the Millennium championships;
  • Seven Fortresses is an area with hills, bridges, and towers;
  • Small Tactical Ground is a standard symmetrical field with corner tactical pieces;
  • Musical Ground is a playground with metal shelters, which adds atmospheric sound to the game when objects on the field get shot.

As you can see, Tulsky Legion knows a lot about exciting games.

Visitors get full apparel, including masks, comforters, protection, camouflage suits, and markers. Moreover, you can arrange a birthday party, corporate party and any other turnkey event using the club stage; houses with barbecues, tables and music will be at your disposal.

Tulsky Legion is located at village Varvarovka, 1A, Tula. The entrance is behind house No. 78 in Skuratovskaya Street. To book and arrange events, please call +7 (920) 277-43-88.

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1A Varvarovka Village, Tula Region
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Daily from 10:00 to 21:00
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