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The Museum of the Confectionery Factory "Medovye Traditsyi" (Honey Traditions)

ВНИМАНИЕ! В связи со сложившейся эпидемиологической ситуацией возможны изменения в режиме работы! Просьба заблаговременно уточнять по указанным контактным телефонам о возможности посещения объектов показа!
98 Skuratovskaya St., Tula
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  • Description

    At the fascinating classes on making souvenir Tula gingerbread at the confectionery factory "Medovye Traditsyi," you will learn everything about Tula gingerbread, legends and stories associated with gingerbread, secrets of making gingerbread and gingerbread molds, types of gingerbread and much more!

    You will make a real souvenir Tula gingerbread with your own hands in the very way it was made more than 300 years ago and the way it is made now!

    Upon the end of the classes, you will attend a tea party with a real Tula gingerbread and fragrant tea! You will take the gingerbread made by your own hands with you!
  • Contacts
    98 Skuratovskaya St., Tula
    8 (800) 600-55-09; +7 (4872) 503-503
    prior registration required
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