Tula State Puppet Theatre

Going to Tula with a child?

Then, you must visit our famous Puppet Theater, which is located at 62/15 Sovetskaya Street.

The door to a fantastic world opens right on the stage! Puppets come to life in the talented hands of actors, immersing young viewers in fairy-tale stories. Children's imagination here turns everything that happens into the best performance that your child will remember for a lifetime! Nothing will give you more impressions than a stunning Puppet Theater in Tula.

In front of the very entrance to the Puppet Theater, children begin to get acquainted with the characters of the plays just by looking at the bright theatre bills!

The Puppet Theater itself appeared in Tula back in 1937. Initially, it did not have its own stage but this did not last long because performances with fantastic puppets were extremely successful. Soon, a place associated with the sea of children's impressions, the Tula Puppet Theater emerged in the city center. Many generations of residents and guests of our city may boast of warm memories associated with this auditorium and with this stage!

The genre diversity of the theater is amazing! The repertoire of this place includes detective stories, fairy tales, musicals, dramas, and romantic plays. Characters made of cotton wool, plastic, and papier-mache without hesitation can be deemed as true pieces of art. Animated faces of the puppets perfectly show their character.

Do you know what the buffet is here? Truly wonderful! Go up to the second floor during the intermission and feel the unique smell of fresh delicacies we want to treat you and your children!

The large auditorium where the main performance takes place, designed for both adults and young spectators, will meet you with soft and comfortable chairs and excellent visibility from any seat.

Moreover, the Puppet Theater often organizes a variety of interactive events, masterclasses, games, etc.

Tickets to the performance are quite cheap but the impressions from the performance are indeed valueless! Old plays are adapted depending on the time without losing their essence and attractiveness. They are always interesting and urgent!

The theater itself is among the best attractions in the city. Here, you may reach the ancient walls of the impregnable Kremlin, the Museum Block with a pedestrian street, and the Old Tula Pharmacy!

If you are still hesitating about where to go with your child when you are in the City of Masters, then our theater is the right answer to this question! One of the kindest, most attractive, and informative puppet theaters in Russia is waiting for you!
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в избранное
200 — 400 ₽
62/15 Sovetskaya St., Tula
Режим работы
Tue-Fri 12:00-19:00; Sat 10:30-16:30; Sun 10:30-15:30
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Евгения 05 February 2021
Очень интересные представления и интермедия перед самим спектаклем. Зал уютный, не большой, слышимость хорошая, персонал очень вежливый и доброжелательный! Билеты по доступным ценам!