The Archeology and Restoration Scientific Center

The building No. 1 on Metallistov St. was founded at the same time as the Kazan Church and belonged to the priest Ivan Lebedev, who served in it. Later, another priest of the parish, Grigory Strukov, owned it. The two-storey stone building has survived to this day with several outbuildings dating back to different periods. At the beginning of the 20th century, one of them housed shops, and there were various outbuildings on the estate grounds. From 1936 to 2000, the building was occupied by a disinfection station, and in 2013 restorers and archaeologists of the Museum-Reserve Kulikovo Field moved into this architectural monument.

The main purpose of the building at Metallistov St., 1 is creating a research and restoration center for the archaeological survey team of the State Museum-Reserve Kulikovo Field. Today it is the largest survey team in Tula Region that conducts large-scale research not only on the Kulikovo Field, but also in almost all districts and neighboring areas of Tula Region. The facilities will house offices and laboratories suitable to study the latest archaeological findings, as well as restoration workshops outfitted with innovative equipment.

The staff of the Kulikovo Field Museum-Reserve employs highly qualified restorers. They work on the conservation and restoration of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (archaeological metals, household items of the 17–20th centuries), porcelain, glass, ceramics, as well as items based on paper and organic materials. They will show the visitors the technologies they use.

The new museum space creates unique opportunities to establish a dialogue among various groups of people and the professional community. The museum product that is being created can attract schoolchildren and students, museum and university employees, local historians, and everyone who is interested in history.

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50 — 500 ₽
1 Metallistov St., Tula
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Sat 11:00 – 19:00, Sun 11:00 – 18:00, cleanup: last Wednesday of the month
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Богдан 03 October 2023
Большое спасибо доброжелательным и профессиональным сотрудникам. Посетили выставку "Сабля. Тысяча лет истории". Все грамотно и интересно организовано.
Оксана 23 June 2022
Огромная благодарность сотрудникам музея, за то что знакомят нас с нашей историей! Много интересных мастер-классов по обязательно посетим их!
Samovar 23 June 2022
Самое интересное и интерактивное пространство в Туле! Были всей семьёй - все в полном восторге! Прошли экскурсию, мастер-класс и Историческую кухню. Застряли на пол дня, но несколько не пожалели! Рекомендую!
Татьяна 14 September 2021
Очень красивое здание, хороший и доброжелательный персонал, обязательно туда вернёмся на мастер классы.