MAXI Shopping and leisure center

It's huge!!! No wait, it's gigantic!!! Perhaps, it is of the MAXImum size!!!

This will be the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the Maxi shopping center! Just check out these figures: TWO floors, ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE THOUSAND square meters, a parking space that can accommodate more than THREE THOUSAND cars, a towering Ferris wheel FIFTY-FIVE meters high! Do you know how many hypermarket boutiques there are? More than THREE HUNDRED!

The Maxi shopping center grew up on the site of an overgrown, unsightly wasteland, which was flooded by the Upa River from year to year.

To ensure that customers do not drown in the days of high water, the Maxi shopping center is surrounded by a wall, which is not much smaller than the Berlin or the China one!

Going with tents to the banks of the Krasivaya Mecha River? Go buy food delicacies at the Lenta hypermarket.

Building a semblance of the estate of Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy on your land plot? You should definitely visit OBI.

Maybe you want to be the second Da Vinci? Buy the canvas and paints in the Leonardo store!

Want to take photos of Tula attractions? Buy a camera at Technopark or El Dorado.

But, of course, the Maxi shopping center exists mainly for the reasons you will be able to walk along the central streets of Tula in the evenings in the most fashionable Luca's. It is hardly a chance to find so many first-class clothing stores under a single roof!
Tvoyo, H&M, Modis, NewYorker, Zenden, LSWaikiki, Mothercare, Reserved, Familia, Sinsay, Reebok, House, Adidas, CROPP, Colin's, GloriaJeans... this list does not contain even a quarter of what the Maxi shopping center offers.

This is Paradise for children! Not only because there are many children's clothing and toy stores but also because of the presence of a "modest" number of children's areas, Experimentoria, Manufactoria, Atom with trampolines, Summer Park, Tropics, and Jungle.

We forgot to mention that there is an enormous Cinema Park with an IMAX auditorium and extended working hours.

There is even a go-kart racing track!!!

To get around this golden mass of shopping center facilities, you should at least occasionally use the local shops and countless cafes, restaurants, and food courts. If you do not find a place where you can take really good meals, we will make a refund!

1)Come to Tula;

2)Enter the following address on the map: 2 Proletarskaya Street and see working hours;

3)Walk along the Kazan Embankment, take photos;

4)Go under the Proletarian Bridge;

5)Find yourself in Maxi!

Done! You are amazing!!!

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2 Proletarskaya St., Tula
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Every day 10:00-21:00
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