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Residential Building, the late 18th century.

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65 Sovetskaya Str. (corner of Turgenevskaya St.), Tula
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  • Description

    It is located in a dense row of buildings in the North-Eastern corner of a small building block, bounded by Sovetskaya, Turgenevskaya Streets, and Bukhonovsky Lane. It is a two-story stone residential building with a mezzanine and an L-shaped plan. The overall dimensions of the plan are 23.2 x 28.1 m. Central axes of street facades are allocated by flat avant-corps of five window axes on Turgenevskaya Street and of three window axes on Sovetskaya Street. A figured attic with three mezzanine windows are installed above the avant-corps on Sovetskaya Street, and on Turgenevskaya street, there is a blind triangular pediment. In the pillars of the avant-corps windows, pilasters with Corinthian capitals. The facades are performed in Empire forms with the addition of eclectic elements, both volume and decoration details, to which various-shape stucco details in dripstones of windows and frieze areas may be referred.

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    65 Sovetskaya Str. (corner of Turgenevskaya St.), Tula
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