Rotonda (observation deck)

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    Imagine that you have just left the Tula State Museum of Arms and went from Zarechye to walk in the city center. You are walking over a former cast-Iron bridge and notice a beautiful white rotunda on the other bank.

    Oh, my God! What should I do?

    Calm down! Time to take a picture!

    The Rotunda in Tula became one of the first attractions of the beginning of the transformation of the city.

    Like mushrooms after the rain, other art objects scattered out nearby... Here is the monument to Lefty and the "Reconciliation Bench," and the "Horseshoe of Happiness," and the "Tree of Love"!

    There are the well-developed territory with a lawn, benches, and a beautiful view of the Museum of Arms. The Rotunda in Tula has become a favorite place for fans of spectacular photos since the first days of its opening. Newlyweds especially like to stay here.

    Tourists also like to leave their reviews about this architectural object. No wonder, because the three-dimensional dome on twelve columns with marble balustrades in-between gives them a lot of positive impressions!

    To come to the old Tula Kremlin, to walk along the embankment or pedestrian Metallistov Street, you just need to go a little towards the center, to go down to the nearest crossing, and to turn left!
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    Sovetskaya St., Tula
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Sovetskaya St., Tula

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