Tula Regional Exotarium

ATTENTION! Due to the current epidemiological situation changes in the work schedule are possible! Please make sure to check the operating hours of the objects by contacting them in advance!
26 Oktyabrskaya St., Tula
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  • Description
    Tula Regional Exotarium is a unique Russian museum of wildlife that specializes in keeping and breeding rare species of reptiles and amphibians. The museum was founded in 1987. The main areas of work are cultural, educational and scientific activities. The Exotarium is one of the most visited cultural centers of Tula. There is a permanent exposition here, where visitors can see about 50 different species of the animal kingdom: huge reticulated pythons, land tortoises (the largest Seychellois tortoise in the zoos of Russia among them), fennec foxes, giant flying frogs, unique poisonous lizards - gila, giant monitor lizards, an amazing chameleon, an African crocodile, a sociable parrot, toucans - one of the most beautiful and interesting birds in the world, funny monkeys, curious raccoons, striped mongooses - Ricky-Tiki-Tavi’s relatives, charming African white-bellied hedgehogs and many others. »The children's zoo« works in the Exotarium in summer. This is a special outdoor area where children can take an excursion and interact with animals, both domestic and exotic ones. It enjoys great popularity not only among kids but also among adults, who are also happy to communicate with animals and get new impressions. Every weekend there are thematic programs which are devoted to new topics, only the most favorite ones remain the same, the "Yum-Yum Show" (the animals feeding) and "The Magic Trunk" (creative crafts workshops). Tula Regional Exotarium offers recreation for the whole family. Enjoy your visit to Tula and to the Exotarium!
  • Contacts
    26 Oktyabrskaya St., Tula
    +7 (4872) 47-53-92
    From 30.09 to 01.05, Wed-Sun, holidays 10:00-18:00, ticket offices 10:00-17:30; from 01.05 to 30.09, Wed-Sun, holidays 10:00-20.00, ticket offices 10:00-19:30, every first Wednesday of the month - until 20:00
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