Tula Regional Exotarium

ATTENTION! Due to the current epidemiological situation changes in the work schedule are possible! Please make sure to check the operating hours of the objects by contacting them in advance!
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    If you do not know another way to amuse your child, we are ready to offer you a great option for family leisure!

    Go to the Tula Exotarium in Zarechye! There is hardly a better place in Russia to get in contact with the animal world within the city limits!

    Yes, that's true! We are sure of it! Moreover, the price of tickets is very friendly. Employees here work every day, except for the sanitary day on Monday. You won't be able to get here at this time.

    Tula Regional Exotarium is the largest collection of cold-blooded wild species in the world!

    The usual activity of this place is successfully extended by holding masterclasses with children, feeding exotarium inhabitants during the so-called "yum-yum show," and conduction of lectures.

    The rarest animals are gathered here. Moreover, due to the fact that the Tula Exotarium has found the endangered species of long-nosed bush whip snake and contributed to its reproduction, we may now see this little snake in many zoos around the world!The price of a saved species is extremely high for descendants!

    The beginning of such a powerful collection was laid in 1987. The exotarium staff quickly established international contacts for the exchange of animals. The laboratory bred rare species of reptiles and amphibians. Employees of the Exotarium regularly go on numerous expeditions around the world to replenish the collection.

    In 1989, the Tula Exotarium and Tula received a fascinating object, a monument to a dinosaur, called "Serpentina Yurievna" by the author and "Monument to the Mother-in-Law" by Tula residents. One can meet it right at the entrance to the building.

    The Tula Exotarium has a convenient address. You may always stop here on your way from Moscow to the Tula center. The opening hours should be specified in advance by phone but, as typically, the exotarium is open every day until 18:00 except Monday. The maximum entrance fee for adults is as low as 200 rubles.

    Tickets are sold off as quick as a barn owl flies!

    Who is the barn owl?

    Please take a car, a ship, or a plane to visit our exotarium and you will get the answer, as well as much more!

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    100-200 RUB
  • Contacts
    26 Oktyabrskaya St., Tula
    +7 (4872) 47-53-92
    From 30.09 to 01.05, Wed-Sun, holidays 10:00-18:00, ticket offices 10:00-17:30; from 01.05 to 30.09, Wed-Sun, holidays 10:00-20.00, ticket offices 10:00-19:30, every first Wednesday of the month - until 20:00
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100-200 RUB
26 Oktyabrskaya St., Tula
+7 (4872) 47-53-92
Wes-Sun 10:00-20:00
Events in april
Анатомия леса
20 марта тульский экзотариум приглашает всех любителей природы на открытие необычной выставки и интерактивное занятие, подготовленные специально к Международному Дню леса. В замёрзшем весеннем лесу можно найти много интересного.  Если в это время года попасть в туда, то мы не увидим яркой зелени, цветов, суеты насекомых. Однако, именно в б...

100 - 200 рублей

Фотовыставка "Заповедник "Рдейский"
Представляем фотовыставку "Заповедник "Рдейский", созданную при содействии Белгородской области и посвященную Дню заповедников и национальных парков. На самом юге Новгородской области, в двухстах километрах от Великого Новгорода есть неожиданный кусочек севера – восточная часть Полистово-Ловатской болотной системы. Это царство мхов, воды...
«ШКОЛА БЕЗОПАСНОСТИ» в тульском экзотариуме!
В эту субботу в 12.00 и в 15.00 на старой экспозиции Экзотариума (г. Тула, ул. Октябрьская д. 26) запланировано интерактивное мероприятие для детей и взрослых «Школа безопасности». Его участником может стать любой желающий. В игровой форме гости зоопарка узнают об опасностях, которые поджидают во время простой загородной прогулки или сбора даров...

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