M. M. Beloborodov House

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    The residential house M. M. Beloborodov The Building was built in the late XVIII century In 1799 the owner of the house was Matvey Makarovich Beloborodov, the grandfather of Nikolay Ivanovich Beloborodov – the inventor of the chromatic harmonica. During the XIX century, the house was not changed. On the first floor of the building there were 6 retail shops on the second floor - living dwelling. In the house there are tiled stoves, internal arches. The facades of the house, especially on the first floor still retained some elements of architectural decoration. In 1846 there was a hotel in this house «London», owned by Vasily Lomov, and in the yard there was a private stagecoach station of the Moscow merchant Nechayev. There are still old stone stables of the station in the yard, which existed till 1860. During the second half of the nineteenth century the owners of the house were the brothers Liventsevs. In the early twentieth century the building housed shops: brothers Vasily and Nikolay Levantsevs that sold grocery, meat delicacies, wine and even Christmas decorations; since 1914 here there was the store, "Hats and dresses", which had a workshop and courses of Paris fashion sewing. In the 1920s there was also a meat shop and groceries of the Union of consumer societies. Travelling men are in need of female attention.
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    60 Sovetskaya St. and 12 Lenina Ave. Intersection, Tula
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60 Sovetskaya St. and 12 Lenina Ave. Intersection, Tula

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