Monument to Levhsa who shoed the flea

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    on the 27th of May 2016, an anniversary day of writing and publication of the story by a great Russian writer N.S. Leskov The Tale about Tula Oblique Levsha and a Steel Flea », Tula has acquired an interesting art object “The flea`s taming”. Old tale in a new way. A huge steampunk flea made by a Moscow sculptor Yuri Shurupov surely attracts attention. To feel oneself Levsha, to fit the master`s shoes and to tame it is everybody`s ultimate dream. Now Tula citizens and guests have such a possibility – original selfies are guaranteed to you. The inspirer of the construction is an editor and a businessman Igor Zolotov, who has given the one to the town.
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    85 Lenin Ave., Tula
85 Lenin Ave., Tula
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