Tsar Hotel

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    Daily hotels with the possibility to rent a room for an hour or for a night without losing the quality of a service, and affordable hourly rates are deservedly popular. The chamber atmosphere, privacy, a sense of comfort and calmness attracts the visitors of such hourly hotels. Kindliness and tactful courteous staff matters. The hotel in the "Tsar" restaurant complex in Tula offers you not only rooms with hourly rates or for the night, but also a variety of delicious dishes and drinks from the bar, as well as an opportunity to relax in the sauna of our complex. "Tsar" is a mini-hotel in Tula - an hourly room conveniently located in a quiet park area with more than reasonableprices. The hotel offers comfortable rural style rooms. The hourly hotel is specially designed for those who need privacy for a few hours in a cozy, nice room with all amenities. Each room has a spacious double bed, a widescreen LCD TV, air conditioning, a wardrobe. There are imported plumbing and comfortable shower cabins in the bathrooms. The"Luxe" room has a large bath.
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    24A Demyanov St., Tula
    +7(4872) 37-74-03, 8-960-597-52-22
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24A Demyanov St., Tula
+7(4872) 37-74-03, 8-960-597-52-22

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